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Pest Control in Lalitpur

Pest Control in Lalitpur or pest management is a process wherein one eliminates or manages unwanted creatures like pests. Some of the vermin remove by pest control are rodents, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, poisonous spiders, and many more. For so many years, the word pests make people worry so much. They know that when these creatures are present, it is normal to bring serious problems like health issues. Not only that, property damage as well since pests infest buildings or environments.

Pests are destructive insects or animals that affect human activities. They attack and damage crops, livestock, and your home. They even bring serious health issues, depending on the kind of species they are. This is the reason why people want to get rid of them as soon as they see pests within the household or business premises. There are different kinds of pests. So the methods to eliminate them depend on what kind of creature we are dealing with.

Pest control in lalitpur

Pest control services in nepal

About Orange Ball Pvt Ltd

Orange ball is  a market leader and  professional pest control company who has vision to make pest free hospitality world by using effective and harmless products with best service experience.  Orange Ball is group of pest control company running under government rules and regulation having government licence. Orange ball is first nepali pest control company invested by Safal Partner who has dynamic board member,investors,and young entrepreneur team working to make nepal pest free and diseases free. We provide Pest control services in nepal in  focus on valley Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and call basic service on  Pokhara, Birjung,Chitwan,Biratnagar and Nepalgunj.  

Orange ball Pest control in lalitpur can handle 350 operation on day.  35 youth are directly involved on this company and serving 2500 new client every year. since 2019 orange ball is working on dengue awareness campaign with various  social organization and government. #WorkinNepal is mantra of orange ball founders.

Benefits Of Hiring A Pest Control Company?

  • Worry-free
  • It saves you a lot of time
  • Saves you money

Why Choose Orange ball Pest Control?

Orange ball Pest Control is a family-owned company that provides service solutions of modern Pest control services in Nepal and techniques. We use only the latest and most advanced technology in the business, making our service to you more efficient, safer, and more convenient. Our talented and friendly team of expert professionals can provide the best Pest control services in nepal to residents and business establishments all throughout.

We bring in a new and fresh approach to the pest control industry, using family-friendly and pet-friendly methods of extermination. Orange ball Pest Control work with you and cater to your specific needs. We are experts in exterminating pests like cockroaches, wasps, weevils, mosquitoes, mice, flies, termites, ants, and spiders, so you can say goodbye to these pests in your home.

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Why Choose Orange Ball Private Limited

Highly Trained and Certified Pest Control Technicians
24*7 days Customer Services Available
Most Friendly, Reliable and Punctual Services
Pest control services in nepal


We provide the 5 star protection plan guarantees you stay safe from pest without hassle. Saves your money.

Pest control services in nepal


Certain pests can be very dangerous and even deadly to humans and pets. get more information with our pest library.

Pest control services in nepal


Schedule a Complimentary inspection of your Residential or Commercial place and effectively rid your life of pests!