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Suggested Guidance for Nepali Small Business and Entrepreneurs to Prevent from Covid 19

A. Immediate (habits) 

  1. Take basic hygiene very seriously: avoid handshakes; wash hands frequently and thoroughly with soap; cough and sneeze by covering your mouth; disinfect the regularly-touched items such as door-knobs, tables, desks, etc.; and, practice social or physical distancing. 

  2. Teach/encourage/remind/urge all your employees to take basic hygiene seriously

  3. If an employee becomes unwell with cough or fever, send the person home and/or to a physician. 

  4. Urge all to follow Nepal government and/or CDC information on ways to reduce the health risks. 

B. Short-term (actions) 

  1. Substantially reduce or avoid all official in-person meetings and travels. 

  2. Do allow your employees to work from home, from where they can be online to work or attend virtual meetings. 

  3.  Do give your employees flexibility with regard to work timelines: do understand that they have family members and loved ones to attend to.

  4. Let all your customers and stakeholders know -- via website, social media and notice boards -- the steps you are taking to reduce the health risks to your employees and customers. In times of uncertainty, being open with your customers and the stakeholder(s) helps. 

  5. Make the task of collecting payment for past services, whatever the amount, your priority. Direct deposit is the best option since exchanging cash also puts you at risk.

  6. Have a conversation, whenever possible and with honesty, with your landlords, employees, vendors and suppliers for possible changes in payment schedules and terms. 

            1. C. Medium-term (stock-taking) 

  7. Stay in touch with your investors, business contacts, industry peers and employees. 

  8. Brainstorm with them to re-think existing business and to come up with new ideas to cut expenses and to find ways to grow cash reserves in future. 

  9. Thoroughly analyze your business and try to see what needs improvement/change. 

  10. Figure out creative ways to focus on building your brand in ways it aligns with the demands of the times (i.e., safety, security, health, mental peace, well-being, etc.)

  11. Read books, follow blogs and seek (virtual) mentorship to repurpose your business for success. 

            1. D. Medium to Long-term (resilience) 

  12. Stay in touch with your production and supply chain partners, and monitor what is happening to/with them. 

  13.  Share your stories with the media about how the shutdown is affecting your business. 

  14. Help create or be a part of an advocacy group to work with/advise the government for support packages for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

  15.  If and when things look bleak, please remember that you are not alone: all others are suffering too. Look ahead and try to make the best use of the down time to prepare your business for the future. 

  16.  More than money, hustle and luck, a good business runs on trust and credibility. In these very difficult times, you may have to engage in difficult, uncomfortable and disappointing conversations and actions. Even then, take great care to not do things that compromise trust and credibility when you deal with obvious uncertainty, volatility, ambiguity and complexity. 

  17.  Hope for the best but plan for the worst!  

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     -Your well wisher Orange ball family-  Copied from email source on March 2020

Disinfecting Service offer for  coronavirus and communicable Diseases

The worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has people scrambling to protect themselves, their homes and businesses from potential contamination. The effects of this type of biohazard situation can last up to a week and the continued spread of the disease has led to a growing number of fatalities in Nepal. Orange Ball Services is the industry leader in Pest control and disinfectant of Communicable diseases , now we are including coronavirus disinfection, and delivers the highest professional standards possible. We are dedicated to providing rapid emergency response 24/7 throughout the Kathmandu valley so you can have peace of mind in the event of an outbreak.


Coronavirus has quickly gained a reputation for being particularly insidious. It can survive on surfaces for up to a week and people infected by the virus don’t show symptoms until approximately two weeks after infection, making it difficult to track and contain. This is why having a trusted professional  Pest control and diseases infestation remediation company on your side is so important. 

 Orange ball Private limited (Nepalpestcontrol.com) have strictly followed the most state-of-the-art procedures when it comes to disease cleanup and disinfection. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still novel, so we continually consult with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for up-to-date solutions and utilize CDC approved and EPA registered disinfectants.


  • We use  approved and EPA registered industrial-strength disinfectants with a broad spectrum kill claim

  • All infected materials are cleaned, disinfected, and properly disposed of as biohazard waste

  • Fully encapsulated personal protective equipment (PPE) and protective masks are worn at all times by our certified cleanup technicians

  • We adhere to a stringent coronavirus demobilization process for our equipment and waste storage areas

Disease outbreak is an extremely serious situation and we understand that the health and safety of you, your family, and employees are on the line. Don’t take any chances; call in the professionals. See our most recent post for additional frequently asked questions on disinfecting coronavirus in your place of business and preventive measures.

August 2019, written by Biddha Nanda Jha

Dengue, a mosquito-borne disease emerged in Nepal in the form of Dengue Fever (DF), Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) and Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS

Now dengue are been detected in many place of Nepal nowadays more than 1200+ people are been infected by dengue August 23rd 2019 according EDCD. Many of dengue problem were not reported to EDCD.

It has been confirmed dengue in 206 persons at Pokhara metropolis, around 125 people in Hetauda, In Dharan alone, 3400 patients have been officially diagnosed with the fever and around 1500 infected, around 55 People report dengue in Kathmandu. 1 man died in chitwan and 1 woman at Dharan due to dengue. Dengue infected person can easily travel or Migrate by air or road with in an hours.


Epidemiology and Disease Control Division revealed that these patients have been admitted to hospitals around the capital since May 26.

Dengue patients have been reported from different areas including Nakkhu, Dhapasi, Harisiddhi,

Teku, Kapurdhara, Baneshwor, Tinkune, Saibu and Imadol lalitpur. Many dengue cases are not report to government organization EDCD (Epidemiology and Disease Control Division).

Doctors and stakeholders working in health sector have warned that number of dengue patients could Rise drastically in coming days due to favorable environment in the valley for dengue causing mosquitoes to breed.

There are high chances that the number of dengue patients could increase. Symptoms of dengue are not seen in 95 percent of the infected people. But they are carriers. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes biting such people will be infected and then they will transmit the infection to healthy persons. Though number of dengue cases has sharply increased this year there aren't any dengue experts at the EDCD.

Unless an individual is concerned about sanitation of his/her environment it is difficult to control the spread of the disease. One must act smart and act early.

We people should not wait for others to come and clean our locality. Everyone in family should participate in destroying habitats of dengue causing mosquitoes.

We people should not wait for others to come and clean our locality. Everyone in family should participate in destroying habitats of dengue causing mosquitoes.

Preventive measures
  • Search and destroy mosquitoes and their breeding areas.
  • Keep environment clean.
  • Use nets and apply mosquito repellents.
  • Wear long sleeves and trousers to cover arms and legs.
  • Remove water from flower/plant pots and plates.
  • Change water in vases/bowls.
  • Recycle or dispose discarded tyres.
  • Hire Professional Pest Control Company to treat your garden, backyard and all corners.
  • Take medicines only on doctor's advice.
List of services that Orange Ball Private limited:
  • Mosquitoes control indoor and outdoor
  • Thermal Fogger
  • Awareness campaign
  • Lava destory
  • adult mosquito destory
  • Indoor and ourdoor spray